Hydrorider AquaBike and AquaTreadmill

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AquaCircuit is the new workout with punch – never boring, always fun and high intensive! Inspired by the principles of land-based bootcamps, this class boosts your body and improves fat burning potential.

This class combines water resistance techniques and different aqua fitness equipment to tone your whole body and improve your body performance. This circuit training workout is divided into different stations, each exercise is different. During 60 minutes, you alternate different exercises to work out different parts of your body. Run, cycle, jump, push up….accelerate, increase the intensity….challenge your body!

The program is designed to incorporate different areas of fitness in order to gain maximal benefits: cardio, strength, speed and flexibility stations. Based on your Hydrorider equipment and additional aqua fitness products, the stations include:
- Cycling with Hydrorider AquaBikes
- Running with Hydrorider AquaTreadmills
- Combat with gloves
- Sculpting with aqua dumbells
- Etc.

Circuit training in water allows to train with high intensity on different equipment while avoiding impacts on your body and joints and muscles stress. It is also a perfect cross training for all sports – specifically for triathlon, marathon, elite sport.

What are the benefits?​

Sculpt and strengthen your whole body faster than land-based training: upper and lower body

Burn a lot of calories thanks to the water resistance and the intensity of the training session

Improve your cardiovascular system, blood circulation and body agility

Prepare safely a sport competition and prevent injuries